Cubbing Season

What is Cubbing?

Cubbing is the informal beginning of Foxhunting. Shawnee hounds start their cubbing season in the middle of September when the weather starts to cool down for fall. Cubbing season is used to train the first year hounds (for Shawnee it will be our H litter this year, 2021) how to hunt with the pack, what is good scent and what is bad scent. It is also a time to train new horses about hunting as well. The scenting during Cubbing in the Midwest is often not good due to the warm temperatures often experienced here, so it is a great time to get hounds, horses and riders ready and fit for the formal season. 

Performance Trial at Hillsboro Hounds during Cubbing Season 2019

What is the Attire for Cubbing?

Since Cubbing is informal the attire one wears while hunting is a little different than during our formal hunts. This attire is known as Ratcatcher. It should be noted that Shawnee Hounds permits riders to wear short sleeve polo shirts and conservative color breeches when the temperature is above 70 degrees. 

The following is the MFA guidelines for Ratcatcher Attire. 

Informal or Ratcatcher Attire Gentlemen and Ladies Coat: 

Tweed or wool in muted color, tailored and single or double-vented.

Here is an example of a Tweed coat

 Breeches: Earth tone colors – buff, tan, gray or rust. 

This is a great example of rust colored breeches as well as a plain helmet and an appropriate tie

Hat: Plain ASTM-approved black or brown velvet helmet with chin strap is strongly recommended, ribbon up.  (All riders at Shawnee hounds must wear an ASTM-approved helmet when mounted, there no expectations)

Shirt: Ratcatcher or other light-colored shirt. Stock tie (plain or colored) with horizontal pin or man’s necktie. A plain or patterned muted-color stock or necktie, with ends pinned down to remain tidy. White stock ties are not correct. Neckbands are also appropriate for ladies. Turtlenecks and polo shirts are usually reserved for children but are used in some hunts that experience extremely hot temperatures during autumn hunting season. 

Gloves: Black or brown leather or string gloves. White is not correct. 

Boots: Brown or black leather dress boots or brown field boots with laces. Formal boots with brown, patent or leather tops are not appropriate. Rubber boots are acceptable, as are canvas-topped (Newmarket) boots, and jodhpur boots with either canvas or leather leggings. Three-buckle brown field boots are also correct. 

Here is an example of black dress boots

Spurs: Regular hunting spurs with no rowels. 

Crop: Regulation hunting whip. Thong or lash may be removed. White whip or lash is not correct.

 Wire Cutters, Flask, Sandwich Case: Permitted

Credit: MFHA Foundation  Introduction to Foxhunting, https://mfha.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/introtofoxhunting2013.pdf

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