Common Hand Signals for Foxhunting

Here are some of the hand signals you will see commonly used out hunting all over the world. Often it is imperative to keep quiet out hunting and these are used to communicate with your fellow riders.

Photo Credit Sarah Martin

“Hold Hard” means stop, stand still, and be quiet. Hold hard may also be silently signaled by a vertically raised forearm. Raise your arm while stopping to alert those coming behind you.

photo credit Sarah Martin

Although you should never be so close to be kicked, a horse that has proven on multiple occasions to kick should not be brought out hunting. A red ribbon in a horse’s tail does not absolve you of the consequences of this dangerous habit. A rider may hold their arm behind their back to signal their horse is becoming irritated and that you are too close. Back off promptly and you should strongly consider moving to the back of the field or to a field with less excitement for your horse.

Photo credit Sarah Martin

Ware Wire/post/hole/etc” Short for Beware, point to any potential hazards you are passing and if appropriate announce just loud enough to be heard by those behind you.

By: Sarah Martin, Huntsman and Master of Ozark Highland Hounds.

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