Become A Member

Our membership season runs from April to April and membership fees are as follows:
Family or Adult Membership: $800
                   Includes all in the family (so primary member, spouse, any junior children), single adults also pay this fee.
            Social Membership:$200 
                      Includes participation in any social event. If a social member would like to road whip they can do so in regular vehicle or ride in a side-by-side (at North Country only).
          Student Membership: $400
This membership fee is for full time students 18-30 years old.
Junior Membership: $200
This membership fee is for a single junior member. 17 and younger.
*Both membership fees include access to all hound walks, cubbing season, and formal season hunts, including hunt week and other special activities. This means your hunt dues enable you to participate in 50+ riding opportunities per year, plus social events such as holiday parties. First year Family/Adult membership dues are prorated depending on the month you join, Junior fees are the same regardless of joining date.
Not sure you want to be a member yet?
Come and “cap” with us! If you want to try out a hunt or two, come pay a $50 “capping fee” to ride during one of our cubbing or formal season hunts. You may cap up to three times per year, and then after that you must join if you would like to continue riding. Any capping fees you have already paid will be credited towards your dues (must be within the same season).
Header Photo Credit: Laura Hudson