Capping (Hunting As A Guest)

We always welcome guests to come try a hunt with us!

Our “capping fee” is $50 per hunt and we allow guest riders to cap with us 5 times per year. If you decide to join up so you can keep hunting, any capping fees you have paid will be credited towards your dues (within the same year).

Hunting with Shawnee Hounds can be great fun for riders of all ability levels on many different breeds of horses. You will have the most fun hunting if you and your horse are confident together negotiating varied terrain in a group with other horses and riders. We have several different “fields” or groups of riders that go at different speeds. Some jump and some do not, so it is possible to find a group to suit your preferred speed.

We welcome guests in any style of tack or riding attire they are comfortable in as long as it is safe and tidy. We’ve had many guests come for the first time in western or trail gear. Helmets and signed releases are required for all riders.

This fee helps feed our amazing hounds.

Releases will be provided at the hunt or can be downloaded and signed here:

Adult Release Form

Minor Release Form

We have additional information on:

Ettiquette and Attire

The Hounds

The Horses

for those who are interested in learning more and coming to join us!

If you are already acquainted with one of our members, he or she can help provide you with additional details about coming to cap with us. If you aren’t yet acquainted with any Shawnee Hounds members, please contact one of our masters or our secretary if you are interested in coming to hunt:


Dr. Mark L. Smith, Tel: (618) 727-1758, Email:

Richard Finke,  Email:


Lisa Owen, Tel: (270) 210-2923, E-mail:

Header Photo Credit: Stacey Silver Teutrine