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Say Hello To Alison!

(L) Alison riding her hunt mount Scooter (owned by Lisa). (R) A young Alison riding Midnight, a former Shawnee staff horse, who is now retired from the hunt field.

We have a few new members joining us this year, so we’ve asked our human “first year entry” to answer a few questions to help us get to know them a little better. Our first featured new member is one of our junior riders, Alison!

Tell us a little bit about your riding experience. How long have you been riding? What types of riding did you do before joining the hunt?

I’ve been riding for about 8 years, I just did basic shows before joining the hunt.

What made you want to become a hunt member?

Lisa Owen talked me into joining and then meeting all the members and hearing stories of how thrilling the hunt is made me excited to join.

Can you tell us a little bit about your favorite hunt horse?

I used to take lessons from (Shawnee whipper-in) Lisa and ride her old horse Midnight, now I will be riding Scooter in the hunt field. Midnight was definitely my favorite horse, he’s a quarter horse/Tennessee walking horse, and I think he’s about 23 now but I never got to ride him hunting.

Do you have a favorite hound yet? If so, who is your favorite and why?

 I don’t have a favorite hound yet but I love all of the G litter since they were the first ones I met at the puppy auction.

What else do you like to do when you are not hunting?

 When I’m not hunting or riding I participate in Marching Band at my high school playing clarinet or marimba.

Now for an interesting fact – what is something about you your fellow hunt members would never guess?

I guess an interesting fact would be how musically talented I am and that I can play many instruments!

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Staff Profile: Alaura


Whipper-in Alaura Barras and her speedy Thoroughbred, Val

“I have been hunting with Shawnee Hounds off and on for 16 years. When my Thoroughbred mare Val isn’t hunting she is giving rides around the pasture to my three year old son Aiden, eating massive amounts of feed, relaxing and being completely babied. She loves to run fast and jump high almost as much as she loves to eat. What I love most about hunting is being a part a such an amazing team of horse loving thrill seeking hard working people. I’ve found this group of people and couldn’t imagine my life without them and our classic sport. I love seeing them every week, all of us ready to ride to those hounds. When I’m not hunting I’m doing mommy, wife, home maker things, working at the bank, and thinking about Fox Hunting.”

– Alaura Barras