Mounted Hound Walks (until 9/9/2017): Saturdays at 1pm and Wednesdays at our North Country Fixture (Ongoing)

This is a great opportunity for new horses and riders to become accustomed to the hounds, riding over terrain, and riding in a group at a slower pace than during the hunting season. During these walks, the huntsman and staff are working on training the “new entry” (young hounds) to respond to the huntsman’s horn and guidance from the whippers-in. All jumps are optional at this fixture and there are typically two field – a combined first/second field that will do some cantering and (optional) jumping and a third field which sticks with a walk/trot and goes at the speed appropriate for the least experienced horse or rider. Usually 1-2 hours in duration.

All members and guests are welcome. Any style of tack is welcome. Casual but tidy attire for the retire. Helmets are required for all riders. Please bring a signed release form and current Coggins for your horse.

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North Country Directions

Hound Walk Video from 2015


Autumn Hunting (Cubbing) (begins 9/23/17): Saturdays at 1pm and Wednesdays at 1:30 pm, check our Fixture Card for locations

Our “Autumn Hunting” or “Cubbing” season is a time for young game and young hounds to learn what the hunt is all about. Continued training of hounds and staff is the focus during these outings. We typically have three fields during cubbing season, a first field who keeps up with the huntsman and hounds at any pace as well as over jumps, a second field which goes fairly quickly but avoids jumping, and a third field which is primarily walking and goes only as fast as the least experienced horse or rider. Check our fixture card to find out

Guests are welcome. Helmets and tidy/safe riding attire are required. Guests welcome in western or other tack. A release form must be signed. “Capping fee” for attending is $35/rider. Riders may attend three hunts as a guest per season.

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Annual Hunter Pace: October 22, 2017, check in at noon, first team leaves at 1pm

Our annual Hunter Pace and Competitive Trail Ride has a division for everyone. This event is open to all breeds, disciplines, and riding levels. It is designed to give you a small sample of riding in our beautiful North Country fixture. Teams will consist of 2-3 riders (with 2 ribbons/prizes given for each placing) following a marked trail. There are 5 stops along the way where riders will collect playing cards in envelopes. At the end of the ride each team must turn in 5 (unopened) envelopes to demonstrate they completed the whole course. Each division will have an optimum time set by Shawnee Hounds staff members. Prizes will be offered for closest to optimum time, fastest, slowest, best costume, best turnout or more. Register at the event.

All members and guests from near and far are encouraged to attend! This is a very social event featuring a lunch provided by Shawnee Hounds (included in entry fee, tickets for non-riders available for purchase), exciting raffle items, and great prizes including ribbons, trophies, coolers, halters, and more.

Hunter Pace 2017 Flyer

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