The Horses

The hunt horses at Shawnee Hounds come in all breeds, colors, shapes, and sizes. We have had ponies, thoroughbreds, gaited horses, quarter horses, Arabians, mustangs, Appaloosas, mules, and more out on the hunt field!  The smallest horse in the field, Tink, belongs our youngest member Vinny. She is only 8h of fury tall. There are horses of all sizes and breeds or cross-breeds as a good hunt horse can be any horse.

The primary attributes of a good hunt horse are being sound, surefooted, and calm around other horses and the hounds. Because foxhunting isn’t as common here as in some other regions, most of our guests and new members are not riding experienced hunt horses. There are a number of good ways to introduce your horse to hunting and the hounds. One of the best is to attend our mounted hound walks in the summer. Another is to ride in a slower field in order to allow your horse and yourself a chance to get accustomed to your new sport.