What happens at a Fox Hunt?

Arriving at the Hunt:

As a guest, before you off load your horse you should:

Introduce yourself to the Masters and Field Secretary.

Inform the Field Secretary of your status – guest of whom, Adult or Junior.

Sign your liability waiver and pay your Capping fee to the Field Secretary.

At the beginning of the hunt, all the riders gather together for The Master of the Hounds to address anything that may be of importance for that day.  This is also when guests are introduced. Once the gathering is over, the hunt ensues. Shawnee Hounds hunts can last anywhere from 1-3+ hrs, so if you plan on foxhunting, make sure your horse is conditioned. The hunt will usually end once the coyote/fox has gone to ground or once the hounds lose the scent. At this point, the field will make its way back to the trailers. When finished caring for their horses, hunt members come together and celebrate the hunt day with a tailgate graciously provided by a member, swapping stories of bravery of horse and rider or in some cases stories of shenanigans.